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Landscape Maintenance

With our services, you can finally relax and enjoy a clean, safe, professionally maintained landscape!

We keep your lawn beautiful so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

Property Clean-up 

Even if you don't have a custom landscape on your property, property clean-ups in Central Oregon are essential. A clean and fire safe landscape is a top priority. Our season begins with spring clean-ups and comes to an end with fall clean-ups.  Let us make your property a clean and safe place for you and your family!

Service Includes: Raking, Pruning, Gutter cleaning, removal of brush, and debris.

Professional Irrigation Services

Your irrigation system is essential to the health of your landscape. Having a professional evaluate your system, make repairs as needed, provide season management, and professionally winterize the system in the winter ensures your system is in excellent condition at all times and could save you thousands of dollars in damage to the landscape and structures on your property.

Spring Tune-up - Prevent water hammer damage during activation and make repairs as needed to get your system ready for the season.

Season Management - Adjust the timer and each sprinkler head as needed throughout the season to maximize efficiency and properly water each plant.

System Blowout- Blow out the water in the lines to prevent freeze damage. 

Thatch and Aeration 

Your lawn is a key element to your landscape and also a big part of what you, your children, family, and friends enjoy the most about your landscape. Thatching and aerating is a must to keep a healthy lawn! Service includes rake up and removal of debris and blow off hardscapes.

Seasonal Fertilizer Programs

Another huge factor to having a healthy lawn and other plants, is feeding it with the right fertilizers at just the right times. Our program includes 3-4 turf applications throughout the season depending on what your turf needs. Upon request we will fertilize trees, shrubs and plants once in the spring.

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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Regular landscape maintenance is essential for a healthy landscape. We have the knowledge and experience to keep up with all of the maintenance demands of your landscape.

With this service, we offer weekly bed maintenance, turf mowing, trim, and edge when needed. We bag and dispose of clippings, and blow off hardscapes each visit. We can also keep your trees, shrubs, and plants in tip top shape. If you have any kind of pond or water feature, it too needs regular maintenance and check ups to keep it up and running smoothly.


Its amazing what a difference bark can make to the appearance of your landscape. A small investment that makes a huge difference! We recommend landscape fabric to help prevent intrusive weeds?

We offer three types of bark, Douglas fur, Alder, and Hemlock with color ranging from auburn red to black.  Delivery and installation.

Top Soil and Gravel

​Renew the gravel on your driveway, or install a new gravel driveway? Like the idea of gravel flower beds instead of bark? Do you need soil amendments in your flower beds? Or does your lawn need a compost dressing?

We offer a wide spectrum of different types, sizes, and colors of different materials to give you what you desire! To list a few options, we supply Pea gravel, crushed rock, river rock, compost soil, fill dirt, soil amendments, and more!

Delivery and installation.


Any other tasks or duties that you would like taken care of? Give us a call or send a message and we would be happy to discuss the project with you and see if its in our scope!

Give us a call!

We are here to answer your questions!

(541) 668-3848

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